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- Combined description of file and information document

Personal Data Act (523/1999), sections 10 and 24

22 August 2012
1. Controller

Finland’s Slot Machine Association (hereinafter referred to as “RAY”)
Turuntie 42
02650 Espoo
Phone: switchboard +358 9 43701

2. Contact person in register matters

Vivi Orkola
Turuntie 42
02650 Espoo
Phone: switchboard +358 9 43701

3. Name of register

RAY’s marketing register

4. Purposes of use of personal data

Processing of personal data is based on section 8 or 19 of the Personal Data Act.

Purposes of use of personal data are:
- Marketing of products and services offered by RAY
- Focusing, execution and monitoring of marketing communications
- Data analysis, preparation of statistical analyses
5. Information content of the register
RAY’s marketing register contains the following information on data subjects:
- name
- contact details (address, e-mail address, phone number)
- date of birth
- title or profession
- gender
- mother tongue
- grouping information of the person
In addition, information on marketing consents and prohibitions stated by the data subject are stored in the register.
6. Regular sources of information
Personal information is primarily obtained from the person themselves when they use RAY products and services and when they reply to campaigns and surveys, if any. Identification or the Population Information System service is used for verifying that the person is of age.
RAY may update address information of data subjects from the Population Information System service.
RAY updates prohibitions on direct marketing directly from the direct marketing limitation service of the Finnish Direct Marketing Association, or the so-called Robinson register.
In cases allowed by the legislation, information concerning the person may also be obtained and updated from other external sources of information for the above mentioned purposes of use of the register.
7. Disclosure and transfer of information
Personal information of the data subject is not disclosed outside RAY with the exception of disclosure to third parties participating in the maintenance and development or the production of the service on assignment by RAY.
Personal information of the customer may be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Space in ways allowed in the Personal Data Act, such as when the data subject has given their consent for it, when an adequate level of information security can be guaranteed by means of agreements, or when information is transferred to a country in which the level of information security is adequate as determined by the European Commission.
8. Principles of protection of the register
Information security of RAY’s marketing register as well as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data is ensured by means of appropriate technical and administrative measures. Personal data is protected against unauthorised access and illegal or unintentional data processing. Only persons specified by RAY and third parties maintaining or developing services on assignment by RAY participate in the processing of personal data. Such persons authenticate themselves in the system using a personal username and password.
9. Right of inspection
The data subject has the right based on section 26 and 28 of the Personal Data Act to inspect what information concerning them has been stored in the register. Customers may request access to their records by sending a written and signed inspection request to: Raha-automaattiyhdistys, Asiakkuudenhallinta/ tarkastuspyyntö, PL 32, 02601 Espoo. The inspection request shall detail the name, personal identity number, mail address and phone number. Reply to the inspection request will be sent to the address verified from the Population Information System.
10. Rectification of information
According to section 29 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject is entitled to update and change their information. Updates and changes may be requested by sending a written and signed request to: Raha-automaattiyhdistys, Asiakkuudenhallinta/muutospyyntö, PL 32, 02601 Espoo. The change request shall detail the name, personal identity number, mail address and phone number.
11. Consents of electronic direct marketing and prohibitions of direct marketing
The data subject may give their consent to electronic direct marketing (e-mail and/or mobile marketing) by e-mail or mobile phone and in competitions and surveys, for example.
Based on section 30 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to prohibit the processing of their information for direct marketing, for example. To prohibit direct marketing and sending of marketing and opinion surveys, the data subject may send a prohibition to: Raha-automaattiyhdistys, Asiakkuudenhallinta/kielto, PL 32, 02601 Espoo. In electronic direct marketing, the prohibition option is available in each contact.
RAY updates prohibitions for direct marketing using the mail address also from the direct marketing restriction service of The Finnish Direct Marketing Association.