Slot machines

All Feel Vegas clubs have a diverse selection of slot machines from international manufacturers like WMS, IGT, Novomatic, Spielo & Bally. In addition, there are also Veikkaus's own, domestic slot machines. There are a full range of slot machines, from the latest video reel machines to retro machines with mechanical reels.

There is a wide variety of game concepts and Jackpot is always up for grabs in the international slot machines, with the biggest win always € 5,000–15,000. 

Slot machines at Feel Vegas are equipped with banknote validators that accept banknotes. When you collect, the machine prints a ticket that is accepted by all international slot machines at the Feel Vegas, making gaming quick and convenient. Tickets can also be cashed at the cashier and at money exchange machines. Veikkaus Oy's own slot machines accept either cash or finnish debit cards.

Choose a slot machine to your taste

Now it is easy to pick a slot machine to gamble, that fits your gaming taste. In case you first time visitor at Feel Vegas Club, we recommed to choose a slot machine with a blue spade. In case you are familiar with gaming, you might be more interested in gaming the slots with pink club.

Newbie at the Club?

Slot machines with this sticker have:
- Simple themes
- Less gaming lines
- Easy additional games

Do you feel lucky?

Slot machines with this sticker have:
- Diverse themes
- Lots of lines
- A chance to different kids of additional games